Adaptive Optics in Consumer Goods

By | September 2, 2020

Consumer Goods Spiraling Demand For Adaptive Optic Components

The adaptive optics components are in great demand in the consumer goods sector.  The adaptive optics component are in various consumer products such as camera lenses, head-up displays, and other imaging applications to increase accuracy. For example, short wave infrared (SWIR) cameras enable “seeing” through the haze when the range of visible surveillance telescopes is limited by distortion such as haze. Some applications use InGaAs cameras which require imaging in the SWIR. Chemical Oxygen iodine lasers (COIL)  helps in targeting missiles at long ranges.  SWIR adaptive optical cameras assist in imaging the target.  

Wavefront Sensor Technology Will Continue To Be In The Forefront Due To Its Various Applications

Advance adaptive optics technology is gaining importance due to government initiatives and fundings. For example,  developing a beaconless adaptive optic system. It is capable of correcting moderate to heavy atmospheric distortion of the high-power laser beam in the laser system. Also, the adoption of the adaptive optics to correct the natural aberrations of the eye to enhance the visualization of retinal tissue making adaptive optics technology a popular choice. For example,  the 492-DM – a high-performance wavefront corrector from Boston Micromachines- is in great demand in astronomy and laser communication.

 Innovations And Investments By The Companies And Brands Making Adaptive Optics Relevant In Consumer Goods 

Companies dealing in adaptive optic components are focusing on the low-cost adaptive optic. Also, concentrating on alternative systems to mitigate the cost of factor and complex design techniques. Companies are investing extensively to enhance the relevance of adaptive optic technology. For instance, e2v sensors from Teledyne helps to search for exoplanets and study distant planets. 28 Large Visible Sensor Module adaptive optic wavefront sensors in extremely large telescope make it able to adapt to millisecond changes in atmospheric conditions.  Moreover, the competition will further intensify due to high spending in the defense sector.


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