Artificial Intelligence: Base of Emerging Technologies and Visionary Ideas

By | September 25, 2019

When we think of the future, we think of advanced technologies, just like any sci-fi movie we think of flying cars, virtual reality, robots, etc. Emerging technologies and innovations have made our lives easier and better. In the mere future, there shall be technologies one could only think of today. Visionary ideas and constant updations in existing technologies are more of a necessity than a desire. Technologies

Artificial Intelligence, Human Augmentation, Communication, Digital Eco-system, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, etc are a few emerging technologies by time. For instance, Artificial Intelligence even after being popular in recent years continues as a trend. Being around since 1956, it sustains its wide use even today. AI is the primary aspect on which the rest of the technologies rely as a subset.  Mimicking Human Intelligence, AI performs tasks such as speech, recognition of images, decision making, etc.

Artificial Intelligence primarily is a programmed replica of a human brain in machines that gives them the ability to self-learn. But, are there any types of AI? YES, indeed. There are 3 types of AI?

Artificial Narrow Intelligence:

This is the basic type of Artificial Intelligence that performs one task at a time. This intelligence is on a primary level, here external assistance is needed for the machine. Siri, Alexa are some of the examples of Artificial Narrow Intelligence.

Artificial General Intelligence:

The name itself suggests its function being general. Artificial General Intelligence can be applied to perform various tasks at a time. Comparatively the AGI is as intelligent as a human brain, as it learns and improvises itself, to perform various tasks. Some people are still working on how to make AGI into reality.

Artificial Super Intelligence:

The ASI surpasses human intelligence by its ability to self develop and abstract thinking, which is impossible for a human brain. This technology has a vision but it is yet to have a direction. The intelligence can suppress the capabilities of a human brain and work beyond visionary advances. Scary right? Well, this is yet a vision than reality.

Recently, a study shows that AI in Healthcare may work wonders. Saved time from doctor-patient interactions, reduce the stress on resources, develop tailored interventions for people. However, these findings are based on a small number of studies due to the poor quality of research. Moreover, fundings are being given on building Artificial Intelligence Labs. Ohio State University got its world-class AI and robotics lab, for students to seek proper exposure with AI before stepping into the world. They have created a lab called Artificially Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Lab- also known as AMES.

The future is quite bright for AI, as it will bring great opportunities in the technological field. But, for most of us and the upcoming generation, one needs to know how to code and program or it is going to get difficult. However, the future is visionary and nowhere far than reality.

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