COVID-19 Outbreak Put Dialysis Patients at High Risk 

By | April 13, 2020

Patients with severe kidney disease, who routinely undergo treatment are worried that receiving dialysis in large facilities with dozens of other people might expose them to the coronavirus disease a pandemic that is sweeping the world’s population. Emergency departments would be flooded with patients seeking dialysis if the COVID-19 disease spreads in treatment centers as the infection spreads in the community. To stem the spread of the virus, some dialysis centers have started handing out masks but others are facing a shortage.

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CDC and ASN Taking Steps to Extenuate the Risk of COVID-19 Infection

Central for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) and two other companies are developing ways, to separate infected and those who are not infected in dialysis centers.

As the disease spreads in the community, the patients who undergo thrice-weekly dialysis poses the risk of infection spread among patients and staff. The American Society of Nephrology (ASN) established a COVID-19 Response team in conjunction with the CDC to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 in dialysis facilities. Following steps have been taken to extenuate the risk of COVID-19 for dialysis facilities including screening, patient placement, patient instructions, personal protective equipment

Leading Vendors Responding and Providing Support to Hospitals and Patients in the Light of COVID-19 Pandemic

Fresenius Medical Care, a leading provider of dialysis products and services, has reinforced the infection control practices, taken far-reaching precautions and contingency plans in the wake of coronavirus pandemic. In the wake of coronavirus spread, Fresenius medical care released an advisory on clinical care principles on access to be made available for patients with advanced chronic kidney disease. Further, it stresses uninterrupted healthcare delivery for patients around the world who require renal replacement, even if a surge in COVID-19 infections overwhelms the available supply of facilities, caregivers and ventilators. The patients will be offered the appropriate treatment even during the pandemic.

“We have Decided to Extend our Support to the Industry on Account of Corona Outbreak by Offering Flat Discount 30% on All Our Studies and Evaluation of the Market Dynamics in Healthcare Industry Amidst COVID-19.”

Baxter is running manufacturing operations at planned levels and managing inventory levels, stock levels in warehouses and transportation options to mitigate increasing demand and help to ensure product availability for all of the customers besides expanding manufacturing network to manage the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

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Hemodialysis is accessed through following access including AV fistula made by joining an artery and vein in the arm, AV graft made by using a soft tube to join an artery and vein in the arm and by catheter, a soft tube that is placed in a large vein usually in the neck. New approaches are making its way, mainly targeting biological and mechanical aspects of vascular access providing a complementary niche to arteriovenous grafts and dialysis catheters.

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