Five Most Interesting Surgical Robots in 2019

By | January 3, 2019

Robots mainly play a major role in the manufacturing industry. With advancement in technology, they are aiding high precision surgery area. The Five most interesting surgical robots in 2019 are listed below.

The PRECEYES Surgical System

These are used for precise eye surgery. A test was conducted on twelve people by the University of Oxford. Those patients were treated for eye problems like removing membranes from eyes or blood clot beneath the retina. Half the patients were treated manually while the left out were operated using PRECEYES Surgical System.

The patients showed more effective result who were operated by robotic approach than a conventional method. In 2019, they are planning to introduce gene therapy to the retina by using the robotic approach.

The CorPath System

The Corindus Virtual Robotics invented the CorPath System which combines virtual reality with robotics. This system allows a surgeon to practice surgery virtually without any patients. This system allows remote surgery and it is the first remote telerobotic interventional platform.

A cardio-vascular surgeon performed a 15-minute surgery using a robot. A stent was inserted into the patient who was 20 miles away. The doctor was monitoring the process on a screen.

The Monarch Platform

The Monarch is developed by Auris health Inc. This is a surgical robotics platform that blends flexible robotics, endoscopes, instruments, and navigation. They are used in therapeutic, diagnostic, bronchoscopic and endoscopic procedures. The Auri’s are working on lung cancer with this system.

Auri has got $220 million in funds to support their commercialization. They are expanding rapidly in the US as well as Europe.

The Mako Rio

The Mako Rio system helps in Knee surgery. The surgeons use special instruments in this procedure. So the systems give a 3D model of the procedure based on the patient’s CT scan which is real-time feedback. The 3D modelling helps the surgeons to plan their surgery in an effective way. This is system is also tested for hip replacement surgery.

The Versius

The Keyhole procedures known as laparoscopic surgeries are performed by Versius system. England-based CMR Surgical launched Versius which trains a surgeon within half an hour. A European health and safety approval is aiding to launch the system in Europe. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) validated the system for nine weeks. Now CMR Surgical is focusing it to launch in the US in 2019.

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