Foundation: The Ancient Hit of Today

By | October 9, 2019

We all want that flawless skin we see our favorite celebrity with, but what makes it so perfect? A tint of the foundation, be it liquid or powder, fixes almost every blemish on your face. But the idea of makeup on your face isn’t today’s thing. Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman women used lead powder and chalked to lighten their skin as the time’s trending fashion. Even men from the time used makeup to lighten their skin, which is no different today. But using those methods caused disfigurement and death to most of them.

Let’s Dig the Past

The very first foundation available commercially was Max Factor‘s Pan-Cake. Initially used in a film, it took everyone, especially the actresses, by surprise with the results. Overwhelmed with the demand for the product for personal use, Max Factor became the most successful brand of the time. Various brands came up with their line of foundations after the hit of Max Factor’s Pan-Cake. In February 2009, P&G confirmed Factor’s formulated Pan-Cake, is sold even today.

Know Your Brand

Unlike before, there is a wide shade range for everyone to select for their skin. Brands like Fenty Beauty, Bobbi Brown, Hourglass, Maybelline, Nars, and Makeup Forever have broad inclusivity beyond skin tones and gender. The name of the shades can differ from brand to brand, so if you want to switch from one brand to another, make sure you find your matching shade or the dupe of the tone in that brand. Brands like Tarte, Beauty Blender, Yves Saint Laurent, and It cosmetics do not have many shades to choose from, especially for people what deep and darker skin tones.

The Opacity of Your Foundation

The opacity or coverage of your foundation can differ by formulation. Sheer, Light, Medium, Full are the types of coverage for a foundation. The Sheer coverage foundation covers by 8-13% of pigment finish formula, which gives enough coverage for even skin texture. However, it doesn’t hide any blemishes or redness caused by acne. The Light coverage foundation covers by 13-18% of pigment finish formula, which covers unevenness, slight blemishes, but not enough to cover freckles, scars, or pimple marks.

The Medium coverage foundation covers by 18-23% of pigment finish formula, which includes blemishes, discoloration, freckles, and pimple marks. This type of foundation is the best kind of product, any occasional makeup look. The Full coverage foundation covers by 35% of pigment finish formula, which includes skin issues such as Vitiligo, birthmarks, scars, hyper-pigmentation, etc. The product can contain 50% pigment for stage makeup or HD Television.

The Formulation for Foundation

There are various formulas used to create different foundations. Oil and emollient, oil-based, Alcohol-based,  Powder-based, Mineral makeup, water-based, and silicone-based are some of the types of foundations available in the market. Every kind of foundation is different and applicable for different skin types, and as a consumer, one needs to check which formulation suits the best for their skin type. The application for the oil-based foundation is glossy whereas; the powder-based is more of a matte finish foundation and one needs to check well before buying. A person with oily skin should go for a matte and dry skin person should go for an oil-based foundation.

Makeup is absolutely incomplete without foundation, as foundations are the best base for anyone’s makeup and the global cosmetic industry seems to be obsessed with it. And foundations seem to have a long run in the world of makeup.

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