Impact of COVID-19 on Markets Worldwide an Interview with Mr. Shrikant Athavale

By | July 15, 2020

An interview dedicated to discussing the Global impact of COVID-19 across various industries.
COVID-19 has led the global economy into a recession. World’s top economies such as the US, UK, Germany, France and many others are on the verge of collapsing. Hospitality, Tourism, Automobile, Event and various other industries are facing a serious slack.

But there are some industries which are facing a boon due to the COVID-19 situation. Telehealth Industry, OTT Platforms like Youtube, Amazon Prime, etc. are being flourished.

A lot of innovation will be seen post-pandemic, focusing on hygiene, social distancing and use of AI into the operations, which shall bring along with it, opportunities for Artificial Intelligence companies in the coming days.

It is predicted that the global economy would recover by the end of 2021 or mid-2022. A timescale is similar to the aftermath of the financial crisis just over a decade ago.

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