Internet of Things in Smart Buildings

By | May 25, 2020

What is the Internet of Things?

Internet of Things is a network of devices, capable of sending and receiving data. The Internet of things helps to manage a building in a better and sophisticated way. For example, CO2 meter. CO2 meter tells our HVAC system to increase the ventilation rate by estimating the number of people in the room.  Similarly, a  sensor device can order a bank of lights to turn on when it senses its presence. A dashboard analyzes a building’s worth of sensor data and turns it into actionable insights. The Internet of things falls into four categories including energy, equipment, environmental quality, and people or spaces.

Benefits of the IoT

If we go by the benefits of the internet of things from other smart building technology then certainly its flexibility and observability to count for. The good thing about the internet of things is about its investment benefits. IoT doesn’t incur recurring charges and enables a quick payback.  For example, if you install lighting controls, it would save 30% right off the bat in addition to conversion to LED.

We need smart buildings.  Buildings are no more just containers for life but becoming sentience. We can say sentience driven by technology. Owners and key decision-makers will continue to invest in solutions to make buildings a data-enriched environment.

How the IoT in Smart Buildings Help in a Post-pandemic Situation

The world has witnessed SARS, the Zika virus, Ebola, and now COVID-19.  There is no dearth of epidemics.  So, the primary challenge is now to streamline digital infrastructure at various stages of public health response. Currently, the world is witnessing three major occurrences. Firstly, the wider acceptance of online services. Secondly, the need for internet services for conventional services. Lastly, boosted connectivity.

Digital connectivity can predict digital outbreaks according to location, time, and the type of contagious virus while entering into the city. digital connectivity in the current pandemic situation   Connectivity between smartphones and smart buildings should protect people, gather useful data, and enact more effective emergency health policy. It may contain the spread of the virus better than ever before.

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