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By | September 27, 2019

Amazon recently announced the launch of wholly new products, but three such products caught everyone’s eye. The Echo loop ring, the Echo frames glasses, and the Echo Buds wireless earphones. All the products had Alexa smart assistant in it. It seems like Amazon wants their virtual assistant to be everywhere: on your face, in your ears and your hands. They look exceptional and innovative but are they really necessary?

 The Echo Buds

It looks like Amazon wants to give Apple a run for their money, as their Echo buds are just like the Apple AirPods. The Echo buds connect you to Alexa just like Apple AirPods connect to Siri, but the Echo buds do not only limit to connecting to Alexa but Siri, Google Assistant depending on the type of phone you use. The Buds are yet to prove their worth in comfort and sustainability in the ears.

Although the pitfall for the Buds is that they use MicroUSB charging, while today every other gadget uses USB-C charging. Wonder why Amazon has a weird choice of continuity for its Echo buds, Kindles and Fire tabs too.

The Loop Ring

Amazon ships their loop rings by invitation as the product is experimental and so to have feedback and improvisation. The ring lets you talk to Alexa, and as it responds, you have to hold the ring near your ear, seems quite an unnecessary right? I mean if one wants, they could buy the Echo buds and do the same without looking stupid!

Instead, they could add some health features like the heartbeat tracker in the ring, which could be better used to the ring, in my opinion. However, Amazon is still working on this product and hopefully will bring some smacking advances to its product.

The Echo Frames Glasses

If you think that the glasses have augmented reality like Microsoft’s Hololens or Google Glass, it’s nothing like it. A small blue light indicates the user that Alexa is listening. The glasses let you talk to Alexa and make more sense than the ring as the speaker is sitting right on your ears and no hands raised.

Amazon has never failed to amaze us with its innovative ideas and technologies, and this product launch was no different, yes there were a few pros and cons to the products but it is expected to be resolved by Amazon in no time.

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