Meal Kits: a Hit or a Miss?

By | October 23, 2019

Everyone likes a hearty meal every day, but due to a tight work schedule, it is highly impossible. That’s when meal kits come in, to your rescue. A subscription food service, with customised food, is all you need. But what makes it so convenient? The customised food of your choice on your desired location is the ideal, quick and hassle-free.

But How Does it Work?

You can take up a weekly or monthly subscription, with a precise weekly menu with servings for two, three or four. The kit can consist of pre-cooked meals or half-cooked meals. They can cost from $50per week for four meals with delivery included. That counts to $13per meal, which can drop down to $10 per meal if you order for seal meals per week.

Is it Value for Money?

A meal kit is undoubtedly a good alternative, but it isn’t cheaper than traditional grocery shopping. Being $10-$11 a meal, it is less expensive than eating out in a restaurant. It surely takes a lot of thinking and time to plan the weekly meal, but it sure is convenient than grocery shopping and affordable than dining out.

Pros and Cons of Meal Kits

The Pros of meal kits is that you will eat home made-ish food more often, and at home. Unlike the fast-food chains, you can prepare the meals with traditional methods in your kitchen. Additionally, you will learn to cook new and better recipes every day by the given instructions in the box. Also, unlike traditional grocery shopping, there is no food waste. The Cons of meal kits is that you spend more than your traditional grocery shopping, but it is lesser than eating out or a takeaway. Excess packaging of each ingredient individually will need a commitment to recycling. Also, at times, you might not enjoy or like the meal, as different taste palates and dietary restrictions can differ from person to person.

What Does the Future Hold?

The future for the meal kits looks pretty bright with evolving industries and adaptation to changing lifestyles if the industries keep up with the ongoing trending diets such as the keto diet, vegan diet, etc. along with their regular meal varieties, the future will flourish over time. No matter how much the industry changes over the years, it’s a trend that can never go out of style.

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