Pacific Island of Vanuatu uses Drones to deliver vaccines

By | January 2, 2019

Remote Pacific island nation Vanuatu has made history in vaccination. It has used a commercial drone to deliver vaccines. Australian tech firm Swoop Aero sent across its drone for 40km (25 miles) to the remote area of cooks bay. This bay is usually accessible by foot or local boats. he time consumed is also more. But the drone reached in 25 minutes.

The government arranged for the drone to carry the vaccines with ice packs and a temperature logger in a Styrofoam box. About 13 children and 5 pregnant women were vaccinated in the remote village on the island of Erromango. Cook’s Bay lies in the east and Dillon’s Bay on the west of the island of Erromango. Local nurse Miriam Nampil vaccinated the children and women.

UNICEF’s Opinion towards Drone:

Vanuatu doesn’t receive important vaccination due to lack of access. The drone delivery mainly in the health sector is significant in remote areas hopes UNICEF. This is the first time a government had arranged a company drone to supply vaccines. Two companies bid for the delivery. Swoop Aero won the bid after showcasing its trial run. According to UNICEF executive director Henrietta Fore, “Today’s small flight by drone is a big leap for global health”.

The government of Vanuatu is planning to adopt drone delivery in its national immunization program. It is planning to spread the technology for more distribution of medical provisions.

Other Countries Employing Drone in Remote Areas:

More countries are also into delivering healthcare essentials using drones. U.S. firm Zipline signed a contract with Ghana’s government. Zipline drones are carrying blood and other essentials to Ghana hospitals. Ghana’s footstep is followed by Rwanda. Medical needs and blood are delivered to rural areas by drones in Rwanda.

Papua New Guinea diagnoses tuberculosis in people by sending blood samples via drone. HIV is diagnosed in Malawi among infants by speedy transfer of blood samples through drones.

The innovative Drone technology opens the door for private sector companies to the healthcare sector. This potential will further enhance the lives of remote people manly children.

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