Promising Breakthroughs in Automotive Sector

By | September 19, 2019

The automotive industry has been multiplying for decades. Cars, bikes and other modes of transportation have a massive demand in the world. Change in lifestyle and disposable money are assets for the automotive industry, but why is the industrial graph declining day by day? What are the factors that are affecting the automobile industry? Is it the unfulfilled demand?

Need and Possible Solutions to Growth

Innovative prints and designs, usage of blockchain technology will put an end to the fake automotive parts market and evolutionary technologies like autonomous driving can be the critical elements for companies to overgrow. Installation of artificial intelligence in automobile, particularly cars, is an excellent way for connectivity. Access to music, social platforms, friends, virtual assistance, etc. are a must for every individual no matter what. Hence incorporation of such advancements is mainly focused on, in the automotive sector.

The Battery that Self Realizes?

Companies like Nissan have introduced Lithium-ion batteries in their electric cars. The battery realises high energy density and reliability by adopting Ni-Co-Mn positive electrode material and laminated structure cells. Moreover, innovations such as automatic high beam control, backup cameras, smart home integration, autonomous driving are some of the advancements to notice in the automotive industry in the coming years.

Advancements to Offer the World 

Future promotions such as backseat virtual driver, car bio-metrics, new and advanced electric vehicles, better batteries and virtual hazard mapping can breakthrough in the industry. WayRay’s new windscreen technology was one of the most impressive innovations in time. The technology overlays a 3D  animation onto what the driver sees in front of him. It almost feels like being physically present inside of a video game. The technique can alert the driver from any danger and help one become a better driver.

The industry is growing rapidly with a great pace and multiple possible opportunities and with the right technological inventions and interventions the industry would excel par its current accomplishments.

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