Robotics to be integrated with the Internet of things (IoT)

By | December 19, 2018

Internet of things is an evolutionary word in the technology world. It makes our lives comfortable and easy by sending and receiving information among objects with internet connections. It is revolutionizing the residential, commercial and industrial sector. Voice controlled speakers; smart temperature sensors are making our home smart. Alexa is a fine example for IoT speaker. Even watches, apps like Fitbit improve our fitness.

Robotics finds its place in artificial intelligence. Initially, robots were tested in labs. Now they are used in manufacturing, transport, assembly and packaging, surgery etc. They even find a place in a shopping mall and cruise ships as a guide.

Robots become more smart and capable when connected to the internet. Also, the next technological advance is the integration of robotics with the Internet of things. They will be useful in the following sectors.

When robots are connected to the internet, they sense the environment around them with the help of sensors. They become user-friendly and interactive. Thus very useful for elderly people and the disabled person. Recently Heriot-watt University unleashed a futuristic apartment working on this area. It mainly focused on people with special needs to be assisted by robots. Robots walk, talk, sense and possess social abilities. So they will surely help in the near future.

In IOT, wireless sensors are experimented to detect any change in temperature, pressure, faults and corrosion level in the offshore equipment. When there is a fault, robots can be alerted by the sensors. They can go and check the walls, pipes for any possible damage. Robots can also place sensors in the offshore equipment, where a human cannot reach.

The Edinburg center for robotics is doing a £36m project named ORCA Hub. This project encompasses leading partners and 30 industrial partners. To cut cost and lifetime risk of human working in a remote hazardous location is the aim of ORCA Hub.

The integration of Robotics and the internet of things is in the incubation stage. When it is properly developed with safety and security, it will surely rule the future in different sectors.

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