Russian Import of PVC Falls By 67% in January – November 18

By | December 19, 2018

Russia is one of the major importers of suspension polyvinyl chloride (PVC). About 15,300 tonnes of PVC was imported between January to November 2018. This quantity is lower compared to the previous year. Last year 46,900 tonnes of PVC was imported into Russia. There is 67% drop in the PVC imports.

Russia primarily gets most of its acetylene PVC from Chinese soil. Last year Chinese merchants have shipped 42,800 tonnes. This year they have exported 12,100 tonnes of PVC to Russia. Germany is the secondary supplier of PVC to Russia. This year they have supplied 1900 tonnes.

The higher export prices of acetylene PVC from the Chinese vendors is the reason behind the drop in import. The second reason is the decrease in the demand for the past few years from the local vendors. The third reason is the supply of PVC from the existing Russian plants utilizing their full capabilities.

The Bashkir soda company, Kaushik (aka Volgograd), sayanskkhimplast, sayansk, Rusvinyl are the largest manufacturers of PVC in Russia. The Bashkir soda companies overall resin production rose by 4% than earlier years. It contributed 22,400 tonnes of suspension PVC in November. The overall output from this January to November is 229,700 tonnes.

The November month production of Koushik fall 7,200 tonnes from 7,800 tonnes in October. The eleven-month production of Koushik stood 84,500 tonnes compared to 79,000 tonnes last year.

Sayanskkhimplast contributed 26,700 tonnes of suspension PVC in November. This figure was 27,600 tonnes in October.251, 600 tonnes of resin was manufactured by sayansk plant from January to November 2018.

Rusvinyl is a subsidiary of SOLVIN and SIBUR. In November, 29,800 tonnes of PVC was produced by Rusvinyl. Out of this, 2700 tonnes accounted for emulsion polyvinyl chloride (EPVC). The overall resin production by Rusvinyl from January to November is 305,200 tonnes this year. There is 8% increase in production compared to the previous year.

The maximum utilization of Russian plants led to more production of PVC. So they are decreasing imports and increasing the exports. Around 131,900 tonnes of SPVC is exported from January to November this year.

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