Spice and Herbs: Your Magic Weapon in the Kitchen!

By | November 11, 2019

Food is an essential aspect of our day to day life, but how does it get its flavour? How does it get its tangy, sweet, spicy or acidic taste? Spice and Herbs extracts are the key ingredients that accentuate your food and linger your tastebuds, but what exactly are a spice and herbs extract? Spice and herb extracts are called as the “true essence of spice”, as it consists of volatile essential oil and a non-volatile resinous fraction containing taste compounds and pigments.

How is it Beneficial for Our Health?

Some various spices and herbs have numerous health benefits but can get overpowering. Cinnamon helps to lower blood sugar levels and is anti-diabetic. Sage helps improve the functions of the brain and memory. Peppermint works as a great pain reliever for irritable bowel syndrome and helps reduce nausea and many more other spices and herbs.

How to Use Them?

There is no specific rule to use spices and herbs in your food. Their adequate amount can enhance, or excess can ruin your meal. You can combine spices along with other ingredients to enhance flavour. You can make a thin paste of the spices by diluting them or use them dry as per your application.

The Spice Land!

India and Mexico have the most significant production of spice in the world. With favourable climate to grow spices, India and Mexico export around 75 varieties of spices in the world. It’s believed that chilies were initially produced in Mexico, which later the Spanish took to Asia, which is how the Indians came up with their own. However, spices and spicy food gained its popularity after it came to India. Taste is always above anything else when it comes to food. For people who eat and cook or produce an edible product, spices and herbs provide the flavours that are required to make a dish or product as it is said that ” The way to please someone is through their stomach” or something just like that.

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