Tech Companies Attracted To East Coast Talents

By | December 19, 2018

Google, Apple, and Amazon are the top tech companies in the competitive technology field. They are mostly grown in their hometown of United States of America (USA). Now they are expanding in terms of space and marketplace. The top technology companies are expanding their offices towards East coast of USA in search of talent.

There are three main reasons for this expansion. Firstly, the requirement for more talented tech people. The increasing operating and living cost in Silicon Valley and Seattle is the second reason. The third reason is president trump’s strict immigration policies. All this derived the tech companies to focus on knowledge-rich cities. Austin, Boston, New York, and Washington are the places in focus by these companies.

Amazon had announced last month to build an office at Queens and Arlington, Va. to cater 50000 employees. Apple is following its footstep by catering to 11000 employee space at a cost of $1 billion in Austin. Google is also investing $1 billion in New York to add 7000 techies in its roll.

The old companies in Silicon Valley already have offices all over the world. More employees are in Oregon than in California in case of Intel. Hewlett-Packard aka HP comprises more employees in Idaho and Oregon.

The same idea is conceived by these tech companies now to hire the bright talent for growth from all over the world. Apple had grown by 14 percent in the past two years to 132000 employees. Amazon doubled its headcount to 613300 in the same period. Alphabet, the parent company of Google expanded to 94300 techies.

Another strategy of these companies is setting up its own office in the top engineering schools. So they select students in the campus itself for employing them in emerging technologies. Google has recently opened an office in Pittsburgh. Even Cambridge also have opened R & D center for the major tech players like Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon.

44% of the tech jobs are located in 10 metro cities of the United States. Now bowing to more worker requirement, increased expenses, and stringent immigration policies, the tech companies are aggressively shifting to east coasts.

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