Vegan Diet: Better Approach to Healthy Living

By | September 26, 2019

Everyone around the world is trying to eat healthily and stay fit, for which they choose various diets for themselves. The vegan diet, the Keto diet, the Low carb diet, etc. are some of the go-to foods today. But, what makes these diets so accessible that everyone wants to try it? Most of these diets are strictly vegetarian, excluding meat entirely, these diets focus on consuming calories from vegetarian foods, but the vegan diet is a whole different concept.

What is the Vegan diet?

Unlike many other diets, the Vegan diet excludes meat, eggs, honey, dairy and any other source obtained from animals. A lot of Vegans do not consume animal product processed foods, such as white sugar and some wines. There is a debate about honey being a vegan food, but the discussion is just like eggs being vegetarian food. Most people say it the healthiest way of living as it reduces the chances of heart diseases and cancer, but is it useful? Or is it just some trend that people are following blindly?

What does Vegan Diet Include?

The most common question that might cross one’s mind is, what do vegans eat? All kinds of grains, beans, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and their combination foods include in a vegan diet. The vegans found alternative options of foods like the vegan hot dog, ice cream, cheese, non-dairy yoghurt, vegan mayo, etc. It’s not just vegans who enjoy their most usual veggie burger and substitute to vegan chicken recipes and tofu are enjoyed by non-vegans as well.

Pros of Veganism

A vegan diet has a lower count of calories which promotes weight loss. Serious health problems such as heart strokes and cancer are at a reduced risk rate for vegans. Alternative options of Vitamin B12  from soy milk and tofu are available. Staple food cultures include easily accessible legumes. Environmentally sustainable as it takes almost 1% of water to grow a ton of grain protein than animal protein.

Cons of Veganism

If there are pros, naturally there are cons added to veganism as well. Excessive weight loss can backfire and turn into weight gain, outreach to highly processed carbs, fatty foods, and snacks can result in weight gain. Lack of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and folate are present in meat and dairy. Combining certain foods, primarily pulses, can become discomforting.

Veganism doesn’t limit to just eating habits, but people use vegan products that neither have animal bi-product nor are animal tested. Vegans also avoid the purchase of leather, wool, and fur. According to some Vegans, veganism is one of the solutions to balance the ecological state of the earth, which seems like a valid statement with debatable points.

Anything done in a balanced and adequate amount can be beneficial than exhausting, and veganism is such an exciting approach to healthy living.

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