WACKER and Fuji Polymers Tie Up For Pioneering Thermal Interface Material

By | December 19, 2018

The 11th international Automotive Electronics Technology Expo 2019 will be held in Tokyo, Japan. The expo starts from January 16th, 2019. This technology expo will witness the Presentation of components based on Elastosil®. This innovative highly efficient thermal interface material is from WACKER and Fuji Polymers collaboration. These components are used in electronic devices and batteries in the electric vehicle.

WACKER is a German chemical company based in Munich. It was founded in 1914 and has generated revenue of € 4.92 billion in 2017. The company produces over 3200 products from 23 production sites. The company supplies to different categories of high-end consumers. They include household, personal care, electronics, pharmaceutical and photo-voltaic.

The silicone products from WACKER SILICONES gave a boost to the growth of the company. Around 2800 products are produced from WACKER SILICONES which add value to the end consumers for their performance. These products include silicone emulsions, fluids, resins, sealants, elastomers, silanes, silane-terminated polymers, and pyrogenic silica. These products add value to chemicals, construction, and automotive engineering, electronics cosmetics, and medical technology, energy, paper, and textiles fields.

Fuji Polymers is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan. It employs 700 workers across 9 manufacturing and distribution center. It has its customers based in USA, Europe, and Asia. Thermal interface materials are designed, formulated and produced here. Other products include uniquely fabricated silicone products, electrical elastomeric connectors, and modified silicone extrusions. These products serve the automotive, electrical and electronics industries. Light guide elements, electrical connector systems, thermally conductive materials made from silicone, extruded and press-moulded parts are included in the company’s product catalogue.

The details of the collaboration:

For industrial applications, WACKER and Fuji Polymer Industries are foremost manufacturers in the field of silicone-based thermal interface materials (TIM). Their products differ. WACKER produces supplies silicones in the form of adhesives, gels, sealants. Readymade silicone elastomer products such as films, contact mats, and pads are produced by Fuji Polymer. The knowledge’s of two companies will be combined to make efficient, innovative product in electronics and automotive sectors. The service and functionality of electronic devices and batteries affect due to excessive heat. Thus heat dissipation material known for its quality and safety has been innovated by these companies. This high-end silicone-based thermal interface materials branded as ELASTOSIL® logo will be revealed in the expo.

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