Yoga: A Great Way to Start Your Day

By | September 27, 2019

Yoga has been around for decades, and it is the best way to work on your body and mind. It’s not just about touching your feet or meditation but working on your body strength and flexibility. There are various kinds of Asanas (adopted body postures) that help in concentrating on our body balance and breathing. Some types of yoga focus on relaxation.

Flexibility Yoga

The poses performed by stretching the muscles can help move better and feel less tired and stiff. While performing these poses, one needs to have patience and be calm with high breathing or else it won’t benefit and act as a backfire. In a study, people helped and had improved flexibility up to 30-35% by just eight weeks of yoga.

Build Muscle Strength

There are various poses like the power yoga, samanasana, ashtanga, etc. are very physical poses which help strengthen muscle power and tone. Less strenuous styles such as Hatha can benefit from endurance and strength. Poses like the dolphin plank, upward and downward dog help build upper body. Standing poses like the Tadasana, Vrksasana, Natrajasana and other poses help you strengthen your quadriceps, abs and hamstrings, especially if you try to hold them for a long time. Upward dog and the chair pose helps in building lower back strength. These pose if done right help you build core strength.

Improved Body Postures and Better Breathing

Yoga poses help you build core strength which makes your body reliable and flexible as a result, your body posture improves. You stand and sit tall with a robust developed core. It also makes your body more aware of slouching or slumping. One will adjust themselves as their body is self-aware. Yoga also helps to concentrate on our breathing habits. Paying attention to breathing is an essential exercise, which helps in relaxation.

Reduced Stress Levels and Healthier Living

Yoga helps one to feel relaxed and relieved, as various meditation techniques help to calm body and mind. Concentrating on breathing helps to have a calm mind and lower blood pressure. Due to yoga, the heart rate slows down, which is beneficial for people with high blood pressure and heart diseases, especially people who have had a stroke. Yoga also results to lower cholesterol levels and better immune system.

With yoga, one can have a fit body and a calm and focused mind which is essential in today’s crucial time.

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